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Our vision is to create a culture of philanthropy that will change people’s lives and build stronger communities.

The Community Foundation for Surrey is an independent charitable trust established in 2005 to inspire local giving for local needs. We work with donors who want to give something back to their local communities and voluntary groups providing vital services for local people and disadvantaged individuals.

Companies, individuals, families and trusts can establish a fund with the Foundation, which supports a growing programme of grant-making to communities. The Community Foundation for Surrey is part of a national network of 48 Community Foundations, one of the fastest growing philanthropic movements in the UK.

     Our local expertise means we can often find wonderful grassroots projects, operating below the radar, where even a modest sum of money can make a huge difference.

Wendy Varcoe
Executive Director


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Community Foundations bring together philanthropists with dynamic local organisations who need funding and other resources.

Founded in the heart of local communities, each Community Foundation is unique, identifying local needs and mobilising local resources. We work with donors, large and small, to make sure their gift has the greatest impact. This distinctive and personalised approach to philanthropy means many different kinds of donors use community foundations to manage their funds including individuals, companies, charitable trusts and government agencies.

The Community Foundation movement started in Ohio, USA in 1914 and was based on the concept of “local help for local needs.”  Today there are 1,440 independent Community Foundations in over 50 countries across the globe.

The Community Foundation for Surrey is part of a national network of 48 Community Foundations, one of the fastest growing philanthropic movements in the UK. UK Community Foundations is the national network linking, promoting and supporting community foundations throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

What is Philanthropy?

     I take just as much satisfaction from learning how to give money away wisely as I got from earning it in the first place.

Dame Stephanie Shirley,
The UK’s Founding Ambassador for Philanthropy

Philanthropy simply stated means love of humanity. A more tangible definition though might refer to philanthropy as private initiatives for public good. The Community Foundation for Surrey is dedicated to inspiring local philanthropy, helping ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Philanthropy is fundamentally a strategic, planned act. It differs from charity in that it is proactive and aims to address the root causes of social issues through long term, sustained investment to bring about systematic change. In practice, though, philanthropy and charitable giving are terms that are frequently used interchangeably and the lines between the two are often blurred.

We celebrate giving in all of its forms. Philanthropy is for everyone, no matter what your personal wealth. It is a mutual act that benefits both giver and receiver; it gives meaning and purpose to wealth; and it can help develop deeper bonds between you and your community.


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