• Last year we awarded over £1 million to local communities, but this was less than half the total requests for funding we received.

    With your help we can do more…


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Benefits of giving

  1. Bespoke donor service – tailored to make the impact you want to make.
  2. Benefit from 10 years of grant making experience – our research and local knowledge helps you fund projects doing incredible work below the radar.
  3. Building permanent community resources – we can invest your donations to generate ongoing income to award grants in perpetuity.
  4. Tax effective – Donations are tax efficient if you are a UK tax payer Gift Aid adds 25%.
  • £5,000 Gift

  • £1,250 Gift Aid

  • £6,250 Total

Self-sufficient Core Funding

We are working to become self sufficient and through gifts in kind and other support keep our overheads low to ensure maximum benefit to Surrey communities.


  • RT : CSH Community Fund donates money for a concert for patients at Molesey Community Hospital for patients … https://t.co/83DMLNA0TR

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